Autor Wątek: 2-4.7.2020 meeting in Finland  (Przeczytany 998 razy)


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2-4.7.2020 meeting in Finland
« dnia: Luty 17, 2020, 06:58:21 pm »
welcome to colleagues in Finland for a meeting on the island!

The pre-booked cabins will be filled in the booking order, unless you want to book your own cabin from the camp site.
CANCELING LODGING: You can cancel any booking at the camp site free of charge until the end of May 2020.
TENT/HAMMOCK: You do not need a reservation from the camp site, but do fill in the participation form.

DESCRIPTION: Typical three day get together with group rides from the camp site. Make note of the schedule of the event as rides are planned for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

2.7. Thursday - Marienhamn and it's surroundings - this day we start late and don't go far as most people will be arriving on this day.

3.7. Friday - The road north
Begins at XX:00 from the Gröna Udden camp sites main building (large white house),
A few places to visit a long the way
Preliminary route plan 52km
Longer route - plans will be added later
In the afternoon we have booked a tour of the Stallhagen brewery with an optional beer tasting  :o

4.7. Saturday - Eckerö direction (western end of the main island)
Begins at XX:00 from the Gröna Udden camp sites main building (large white house),
Preliminary route plan 68km
There will be a shortened route available also

5.7. Sunday - this day has no program as it is reserved for returning home

Places of interest:
- Stallhagenin brewery
- Open water brewery


MORE INFO in FIN forum:


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Odp: 2-4.7.2020 meeting in Finland
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Luty 17, 2020, 09:21:36 pm »
Chciałbym tam kiedyś zawitać!:) Pokonać trasę na poziomce, to by było wyzwanie. ;)